The essence of Estonian cuisine

The only way for us to find the right words when trying to define Estonian cuisine is to realize that the Estonians themselves are a manifestation of a combination of all the best features of the nations with whom they have lived side by side throughout the centuries. The calmness of the Swedes, the common sense of the Danes, the purposefulness of the Germans and the self-trust of the Russians are hidden inside each and every Estonian. The Estonian cuisine has equally taken the best aspects from the cuisines of other nations, added its unique nuances and the thrive for perfection to them all, thus becoming an extremely fascinating and diverse phenomenon.

The main chef Rene Uusmees says that the roots of modern Estonian cuisine are in traditions, culture, and the simple wisdom of our grandmothers. “We have a goal of valuing this culture with the masterful skills and technical equipment today so that the result is always distinc, unrepeated and real.”

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