The history of the city wall

The defence system of medieval Tallinn consisted of two independent parts – the Toompea stronghold and the fortifications located downtown. The building of the fortifications located downtown, where they are still visible today in the form of the city wall, was started in 1310s.

Later on the fortifications were constantly improved, made stronger and upgraded. The city wall was completed in 1355. In 1561, when the reign of the Livonian Order over Estonia was coming to an end, the downtown was surrounded by a circular wall, which was 2.35 kilometres

long and had 27 wall towers, 8 gate towers, 9 front gates and 12 front peel towers. Today, approximately 1.85 km of the façade of the wall has been preserved in the downtown, including 18 wall towers, 4 gate towers or front gate towers and 3 short tower ruins.

The City Wall Chamber located on the ground floor of the MEKK Bar is made unique by the remains of the city wall originating from the 13th century.

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