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Konrad´s bakery


Konrad loves fresh bread, pastries and pies and is happy to offer them to you to go.

Fresh and homemade pastries are available at Gallery Bar starting 8.30 a.m. until 17.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday.

Éclair* 2,00 €
Cinnamon pie* 2,00 €
Apple strudel* 2,00 €
Duck meat quiche 3,00 €
Meat pie* 2,50 €

Fitness sweets (black plum, avocado, apricot) 1,50 €

You can also buy black and white bread to go. Ask availability from the service personnel.

Dark bread 1 kg 6 €
Light bread 0,5 kg 5 €


Pre-ordering or special orders please contact