Hotel Palace and Gloria Palace to celebrate jubilees in Russian Theatre on 15th of November!

Hotel Palace celebrates 80th anniversary in 2017 and our good neighbor, Russian Theatre celebrates 90th anniversary in this fall already. And together we return back in time and proudly present unique cinema concert!

Olav Ehala gives Murnau silent film “Faust” a new life

On Tuesday, November 15th, in Tallinn, in the great hall of Russian Theatre something very special in nowadays will take place. We proudly represent cinema concert “Olav Ehala meets Faust”, where beloved Estonian composer and pianist gives new life for Murnau’s “Faust” taking up the role of accompanist and creating a silent film into a new unique world of sounds.

Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau silent film “Faust.” came to the big screen in 1926 and was the first film, shown here 90 years ago, in the occasion of opening the Estonia’s most luxurious cinema theater Gloria Palace. Twelve years later, a brand new hotel, built next door was named Hotel Palace!

Despite its 90-year history of the Murnau’s 1926 film and its atmosphere is still extraordinary, belonging to these pearls of film history, what each person must see during lifetime. In so far nearly 10 years after the film was performed, the silent film finally died out, but Murnau’s “Faust” still remains one of the best examples Germany’s “golden years” of film culture.
In addition, this event is the first in the series “Vintage Cinamon”, which will return the honor of the historic theater and audiences and will become a traditional event for monthly vintage films series.


Welcome to the concert!

Tickets are available at Piletilevi!